I'm Chelle, a Computer Engineer and a Data Engineer.

I am an alumna of Cornell University's College of Engineering. In May of 2022, I graduated from Cornell with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. From a young age, I have had a passion for creation and innovation. Whether it be building 3D models, graphic designs, websites or robotics projects, I'm always ready to take on a new challenge. My goal in life is to develop assistive technology for children with special needs.

I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities to explore my passions further, and continue to develop projects that address different needs that I see in the world, across different mediums. From Data Visualization to Machine Learning and constructing new data pipelines, I love to adapt to new platforms - and I'm a fast learner too! If you're willing to have me, I'm ready to help further and elevate any project!

I design technological, practical solutions to the challenges I encounter. I came into this field of STEM with passion, skill and a propensity to learn and acquire new resources, but I was not always confident in that knowledge. Through being challenged in the spaces that I have been blessed to be part of and having the opportunity to think bigger and create the change that I wanted to see, I learned to be the first person to believe in myself.


One of the many aspects of the Technology industry that motivates me is the opportunity to pursue my interests in depth. I like to explore technology in the form of use cases, where I can combine tools to create a model which allows people to better understand how technology can augment the world we live in. I learn something new, I get to hone my problem-solving skills, and most importantly, I get to challenge myself in new ways.

Software Development

The challenge of building a working platform that helps to address a problem AND is user-friendly is one that I choose to tackle head-on with every project. The software lifecycle can be very iterative and requires a lot of collaboration. I typically take a Test-Driven Development approach on individual work when possible. However, I also adapt to a team's chosen workflow in my contributions in order to deliver in the end.


In my first full time role after graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering in May of 2022, I am an Associate Data Scientist in IBM's Consulting business unit. My specific role is as a Data Engineer for Machine Learning. I'm currently a part of the Data Technology Transformation practice, in the Analytics & AI department. My projects are in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.

About & CV

I'm looking for more opportunities to do more research and project work with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing projects. I'm looking for applications-based work in the public sector (education, healthcare, or transportation) and/or social media.

Cornell University, College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Electrical and Computer Engineering
May 2022

MicroMasters - Statistics and Data Science
November 2023

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Most Recent Job Experience
IBM Consulting
Associate Data Scientist
Data Engineer - Machine Learning
October 2022 - Present

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Boston, MA 02108-02467
United States of America