Customizable Morse Code

Inspired by a beginner's project from Girls Who Code, I decided to try to make a morse code machine that takes text input and outputs the corresponding more code signal for the entire phrase via the LED lights. There were many design considerations I made for this, like having dots and dashes appear on two different sets is lights to made them clear and distinguishable, thus improving readability. Overall, this project has been successful. When I have a greater budget and the necessary materials, I see myself upgrading this project by attempting to make a remote connection to the Arduino so that it does not have to be connected to work, and by mobilizing it so that it can "auto-deliver" any message to my family in these times of social distancing, Granted, I may need a sound component in case something happens to the circuit of lights or the message can't be interpreted for another reason.


Circuit Circuit

Morse Code Key

Morse Code Key

Code Sample

Solution and Challenges Solution and Challenges